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i-TRAK in the news

A case of identity:
Tracking services can help you trace your luggage when it goes astray

Business Traveller, November 2008
...This is where luggage tracking companies can help. Adam Dalby begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, managing director of i-TRAK, says: "Our system is designed to put the finder in touch with the owner within a matter of seconds. That’s half the battle..."

What's the safest way of labeling my luggage?
The Sunday Times, 5 October 2008
Put a label with your name and phone number on the inside of the bag – if it’s lost, the airline will have to open it to establish who the owner is. Or try a high-tech system such as i-TRAK
( which uses a numerical code to identify luggage without advertising your personal details……

50 top packing tips, 5 August 2008
Confused about baggage rules? Or just hopelessly disorganised?...
Keep it safe:
8. Blacks outdoor shops sells a 50 litre wheeled bag for £54.99 that comes with a year’s free i-TRAK, a luggage tracking system...

Member Profiles – i-TRAK
Travel Goods Showcase, July/August 2008
After a decade of working in the airline industry’s lost luggage area, Adam Dalby saw a need for a way to efficiently track lost luggage. He spent three years working on a solution that would work as well for the airlines as it would for the traveller...

Finding lost luggage
best magazine, 20 May 2008
Taking hand baggage only isn’t always practical. Using a door-to-door luggage delivery service can cost you as much as your airline ticket. But you can increase your chances of being reunited with your bag with a tracking device. Go to

Worried about losing your luggage
The Telegraph Travel supplement, 5 April 2008
Tracking device – Should your bag fail to arrive on the carousel, you will have a better chance of locating it with a tracking device such as the i-TRAK identification system (

Don’t want your bag going to the highest bidder?
The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, April 2008
Label your case clearly, inside and out. Alternatively, consider using i-TRAK (01483 608500,, a service that identifies your luggage with a numberplate-style code fixed on the outside or inside of your bag. It costs £10 to register and then £3 per year for two items after that.

Good Gear – Tracked Bag
The Sunday Times, 30 March 2008
The cavernous 50-litre top loader from Blacks, comes with a built in luggage-tracking system. Once it’s registered, anybody who finds the bag can report the unique stitched-in ID code to the baggage monitoring company i-TRAK and the owner will be alerted.

Lost luggage fears
The Telegraph Travel supplement, 29 March 2008
Almost 70 per cent of people in a survey by the baggage tracking service i-TRAK believe that bag handling will fail to improve following the opening of Heathrow’s Terminal 5. One in five of those questioned had had an item of their checked luggage go missing at some stage in the past.

Passengers give Terminal 5 vote of no confidence
Travel Daily News, 17 March 2008
Despite the airline industry’s constant reassurance that Terminal 5 will be the answer to passengers’ travel woes, almost 70% of travellers believe it will make no difference to the baggage chaos that they have experienced in the last year. A survey conducted by i-TRAK, the intelligent baggage ID service, asked over 1300 members of the public whether they expect Terminal 5 to improve baggage handling this summer, and 69% said no……

Queen opens Heathrow Terminal 5, now the test, 15 March 2008
…But while developers believe the new terminal will help change Heathrow’s woeful reputation, over two thirds of travellers believe T5 will not end the baggage chaos according to a survey. The pole conducted by baggage ID service I-TRAK, revealed 69 per cent of the 1333 people surveyed said they don’t believe the new terminal will improve baggage handling. While 38 per cent said they did not expect to see changes this year, 31 per cent did not expect to see improvements at all….

Travellers say T5 won’t solve Heathrow baggage problems
UK Airport, 14 March 2008
….New terminals are often plagued by flaws in baggage systems and a poll of 1333 people during January and February by baggage ID service i-TRAK, found 69% said they did not expect the opening of T5 to improve baggage handling this summer….

Vote of no confidence for T5 baggage handling
Travelmole, 13 March 2008
Over two thirds of travellers do not believe Terminal 5 will end the baggage chaos at London Heathrow, according to a survey. The poll of 1,333 people during January and February, by baggage ID service i-TRAK, found 69% said they did not expect the opening of T5 to improve baggage handling this summer…..

Is it safe to put my address on my luggage tag?
The Sunday Times Travel magazine, March 2008
….a clever system called i-TRAK (01483 608500, gives you a numberplate- style code to affix to your bag. This can be traced by airline personnel or members of the public should it go astray. All communication takes place via i-TRAK, so that no personal information needs to be displayed on your luggage……

Where’s my bag?
Business Traveller, March 2008
….i-TRAK provides you with what is essentially a number plate for your bag. You register your bag on the i-TRAK website with a unique code and stick the code onto your bag. If your bag ends up being lost or delayed, baggage handlers contact i-TRAK with the code and i-TRAK contacts you…….

The simple way to track lost luggage
Adventure Travel Online, 19 February 2008
i-TRAK offer a great labelling system which you place on the suitcase and use the unique code to register with them. By using i-TRAK each item gets a 24 hour finders phone line, web and e-mail links and the unique benefit of using the airline industry’s very own telex communication system…….

The global engineer
Engineering and Technology, 1 November 2007
….Faced with the airlines’ inability to keep track of checked-in items, an increasing number of products are being developed to ensure your Samsonite doesn’t slip away from you. i-TRAK use specially designed tags attached to each item. Owners register their tag’s unique code either online or by post. Then you hold your breath and hope that lost will become mislaid. Once i-TRAK receives a report that an item has been found, it automatically notifies the owner…..

Bags of protection
Metro, November 2006
All Techair bags are padded with pockets of compressed air to absorb vibrations and shocks. This flexible bag transforms from a briefcase into a backpack in two steps. It comes with a year’s free subscription to i-TRAK – a security coding service that reunites you with your luggage if it is lost in transit.

Code that tracks your lost luggage
Sunday Express, 20 August 2006
…..Now with carry-on baggage limits set to continue American Express Travel Insurance is offering the i-TRAK labelling service which assigns a personal barcode to each item of baggage. The code enables baggage handlers who find lost luggage to contact owners speedily using the Internet, text message, e-mail or the airline’s own communication system….

Seven bags per flight go missing
Telegraph Travel, 27 May 2006
……The problem has led some companies to offer alternative baggage-tracking systems. Adam Dalby, the chairman of i-TRAK, a coded system designed to help locate lost luggage, said: "The airline industry is under such commercial pressure that the need to cut costs means that the problem is set to get even worse."

Solving your travel gear problems
Active Magazine, 28 February, 2006
….you’d be wise to take some extra precautions. An i-TRAK label gives your personal belongings a unique tracking number so they never go walk about. They can be traced back to you through their 24-hour control centre.

Lost luggage nightmare could soon be over
Daily Express, 20 April, 2005
Churchill Travel Insurance has teamed up with i-TRAK, a sophisticated suitcase tracking system which sends customers a text message or e-mail to say where their lost belongings have been found, and explaining how they can be retrieved.

Deals of the week
The Independent, 16 April 2005
If you’re a regular traveller, a service from Churchill Insurance could save you a fortune. Lost baggage costs £1.4billion a year in the UK, the insurer reckons, with 3 million travellers losing their bags for good annually. To help solve the problem, it has teamed up with specialist i-TRAK to launch a new range of high-tech labels. Each one carries a code with a permanent link to the i-TRAK database – baggage handlers can then use this to reunite misplaced luggage.

New Gadgets
Telegraph Travel, 22 May 2004
This tracking device won’t ensure your bag arrives with you at your destination, but it will greatly improve your chances of recovering it should it go missing. The i-TRAK barcode, which is readable by airlines and can be reported found by email, internet or 24 hour phone service, lets you keep your personal details private.

Lost luggage? i-TRAK is here to help out
Plain Talking, October 2003
A company called i-TRAK has developed a new luggage tracking service. The service works by customers attaching a specially developed tag, on the inside and outside of their luggage. Each tag has a unique code, which the owner registers on the i-TRAK website, with contact details against the code. When the lost luggage is found the finder can then contact i-TRAK through four different channels; SMS text messaging, email, internet, call centre or using the airline’s telex system…..

Website of the Week
Daily Express, 26 April 2003
Around 20 million bags are mislaid annually by airlines. However, help is at hand with a luggage tracking service called i-TRAK ( Users attach special luggage tags that are then registered with a code online. If a bag is lost, the owner can check its location on i-TRAK’s website. When it is retrieved the code allows i-TRAK to swiftly inform the owner via a text message and email.

Lost luggage could be a thing of the past
The Sun, 1 March 2003
Lost luggage could be a thing of the past thanks to a new tracking system that uses special tags to monitor passengers’ bags. The i-TRAK tags have individual codes, and travellers contact details are logged on the firm’s computer system. If the bags go missing, i-TRAK can then use existing airline tracking systems to find the luggage.